Whole of Building AV

Huge projects delivered on time and on budget

Whole of Building AV

Ci's beginning 30 years ago all started with the creation of standards, implementation and maintenance for a whole of building project. This was 43 floors for the new Telstra head Office at 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne.

The project initiated a methodology of Standards and effective space and technology design that still flows through to the current day standards which Ci redesigned when the whole building was refurbished over a 2 year project plan completed in late 2011.

Every customer has different requirements but often the Core needs are common:

  • Meeting Space flexibility
  • Maximum space utilisation
  • Positive User Experience
  • Enhanced Collaboration capability

Ci are not only expert in AV systems design but can offer a wealth of experience to deliver the Core needs. Working together with key customer stakeholders and project designers from the beginning of a planned fitout, will eliminate risk and ensure a Workplace experience that will deliver massive gains in productivity and effective use of space and it's utilisation

One of our latest projects is to install new and maintain existing meeting space systems, nationally, for one of Australia's largest companies.