Technology Tables

Getting the details right that affect user experience

Technology Tables

Technology-based boardroom tables and specialist joinery have been an important element of Ci's offering for many years and we are now able to offer an array of standard Boardroom Technology Tables designed to integrate the very specific elements that we utilise to deliver a world class executive experience when working within a boardroom or showcase environment.

Just as care is necessary in crafting a guitar or violin body, the design and construction of a technology table requires respect to detail and function. Ci in conjunction with a specialised joinery company, ISM, create state of the art technology tables by combining the very best of machine capability with old fashioned hand-built craftsmanship.

The results are truly the best available, all designed to integrate the technology without disrupting the comfort and effectiveness of participants.

Also available, are associated technology furniture products such as Multitouch tables, Information Kiosks and telepresence integration modules.

Allow us to design for your business in every detail and to a quality that is unmatched.

Nothing existed, so we did it ourselves - Tables designed for their purpose from the ground up.