Pods & Hubs

Reinventing workplace flexibility

Pods & Hubs

The Pods and Hubs from the Frem Group in the UK revolutionise what is possible with workplace design. They also make it possible to expand quickly to new floors on a temporary basis without the need for more permanent building works.

These modular workspace furniture components can be purchased with or without the technology built in, each carefully specified to your requirements and preferences. They enable a stylish office to be created with a minimum of fuss and maximum economy. You can also take them with you when you go, neatly avoiding the need to spend good money twice.

Hubs instantly create spaces for effective group interactivity within an open floor plan, while Pods cleverly remove the necessity for expensive meeting rooms to be built. Unlike permanent fit-outs, Pods and Hubs enable you to adapt your workspaces to changing needs. Facilities can be better managed in line with user demand.

  • Substantially reduce fitout costs
  • Provide more flexible workspaces
  • Substitute sunk costs with portability
  • Add meeting facilities as needed

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