Operation Centres

Better integrating head office and the field

Operation Centres

Business-critical Remote Operation Centres are of vital importance to many businesses. Although Ci tend to specialise in ROC's for Mining, Resources and Utilities companies – our designs are valid for any industry. We have also created large-scale national and state-based operation centres for corporations and government.

Your ROC requirement may be a flexible space or a dedicated area. However in our experience regardless of the room requirement and size of the project, it is of critical importance that, before architects begin to map the options, that all stakeholders understand the complexities of the AV technology that is entailed. If engaged at the right time, Ci specialist designers are able to work with you to develop the key knowledge required by all contributing parties.

Encompassing all the critical functional aspects such as safety, emergency management, business uptime and incident control, a properly designed facility will ensure all of the technology elements necessary. When such a facility is fully integrated to your human factor and safety requirements and then seamlessly built into your environment, your people are able to carry out their work functions with maximised efficiency and effectiveness.

We ensure the necessary technology seamlessly blends into the environment for smooth operation and higher productivity. As a result, our designs for Operation Centres can also flow into the complete conference and collaboration design for the entire business, in the long term developing a collaboration SOE from desktop to Boardroom as well as to remote sites.

  • MediaWalls
  • 24/7 Video links
  • Interactive troubleshooting
  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Command and Control Software