Mapiq Workspace Enablement

Unleash your office

Mapiq Workspace Enablement

Mapiq is a cloud-based office platform from the Netherlands that helps you optimise your workplace and activate the true potential of your employees. Employees can use Mapiq to book meeting rooms, find their way around the building, search for free workplaces and find their colleagues. Facility managers and building owners can use data collected by Mapiq through sensors to make well thought out decisions about their office spaces.

A front runner in smart building technology. Mapiq technology was first deployed in ‘The Edge’ in Amsterdam, the most sustainable office building in the world. Mapiq stated mission is to give employees a great day at work with dynamic work environments that people actually want to be in. Mapiq believe that through technology the office can inspire and bring out the best in people resulting in unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Through empowering employees in this manner, Mapiq cleverly solves the problem of activity based workspaces gaining user acceptance.. Instead of users opposing change they find they actually prefer it. This means the flexible workplace can finally succeed in practice.

Mapiq technology is now available in Australia through Ci and has progressed even further than what was first introduced at the Edge. To unleash your office Mapiq style, start the Ci conversation. You'll be glad you did.