Kinetic Led Signposts

Adding a touch of magic to wayfinding

Kinetic Led Signposts

iGirouette – Signage that points to the future.

When was the last time a signpost pointed you in the right direction? What if it could actually do so physically like something out of a Harry Potter movie?

iGirouette from Charvet Media have made such a signpost a reality. Magically the destination content changes via the signpost's LED display and the signpost turns to point in the direction of that destination. It also tells you how long it will take to get there. Wayfinding has never been as much fun.

Arguably the real magic is putting together the various pieces of technology for the task. A weatherproof signpost, LED display and smart phone beacon. Not only can the signpost tell you where to go, it can download all you need to know about your destination to a smart phone. It's therefore brilliant technology for precincts such as zoos or tourist areas, theme parks, shopping strips, shopping centres, or large campuses

Today's smartest signage recognizes the power of the technology that most people are carrying around in their pocket. iGirouette from France is a great example. These animated signposts capture the imagination and engage visitors, encouraging them to download a local app. This puts far more information into the hands of visitors than a sign could ever manage effectively on its own, information that's fully portable and remains with the visitor as they move about the locale.

We think iGirouette is the most engaging precinct signage product available in the world today, allowing you to make a better connection with your visitors. It is also more affordable than you might think. Enquiries are welcome.