IP video solutions for multiple industries


IPTV is another example of a "Join the dots" product, cleverly adding value to the substantial investment you have already made in a network. Although originally a reference to distributing television over an IP network, IPTV is actually capable of distributing far more than just television, and can also carry information back and forth. These days it can now also extend beyond a wired LAN to include WAN, the internet and mobile devices. This means it can reach beyond television screens to every display device within an organization whether desktop or personal.

The utilisation of the existing infrastructure means that no other means of distribution is as cost effective. You don't need to duplicate hardware. It is also readily extendable. The addition of either users or sources is very easy to accommodate without picture degradation anywhere there is a network connection.

These days another great thing is that your audience doesn't have to be within your wired network. You can stream to both wireless and mobile devices.

IPTV means content can be rapidly distributed across an entire organization with a minimum of fuss. It is also bandwidth friendly. IPTV multicasting makes better use of LAN bandwidth by only needing to stream once irrespective of viewing numbers.

The degree of control IPTV offers over access by groups or individual user is good for both security and regulatory compliance. All other internet streaming can be blocked for added security.

There are also other benefits. IPTV allows your AV experts to concentrate the experience delivered, not the rollout of infrastructure. It also lowers your management cost because once you organise AV distribution to be under IT control you avoid duplication of services and can plan networks more effectively.

Adopting IPTV means you are empowered to bring video to any device, in any format, anywhere within a business environment. There are ITPV system designs already available tailored for a variety of industries and applications, from the corporate workplace to financial management, from education and hospitality to transport networks, from hospitals to aged care, from government departments to the military, from stadiums to TV studios, from accommodation to far flung workplaces like mining camps and oil rigs.

It's well worth starting the conversation.

Pictures below courtesy of Exterity.