Interactive Technologies

Better engage your audience through interactivity

Interactive Technologies

Interactive technologies can create magic, whether it is a more productive collaboration environment created for management teams, extra sales generated at retail, or the simple joy of a child at play in a public space.

Interactivity engages in a powerful way, especially when applied to meeting dynamics, entertainment, delivering information, collaborative design, sales conversation creation, wayfinding and more. It also takes many forms, from solo touchscreen kiosk interaction to multi participant visual conversations and collaborations.

Let us help you discover the best way to assist, engage, inform or direct your customers or visitors. Learn how to deploy simple and effective interaction to escalate the user experience to new levels.

Ci can offer a number of value-based standard products within this category or create exceptional interactive and engaging experiences to any scale.

If you would like to explore how such interactive technologies can be applied to your business or institution, give us a call. At Ci we know both what can be done with this technology and how it can best be achieved.

  • One Touch
  • Two Touch
  • Multitouch
  • Gesture
  • Sensor activation
  • Directories
  • Wayfinding
  • Kiosks
  • Collaboration Screens
  • MediaWalls
  • Interactive floors
  • Brainstorm walls
  • Games walls
  • Multitouch Tables, Counters and Bars