Direct View LED Display

Ci and today's digital display technology has so much to offer


Ci creates experiences through the use of technology, and in the case of LED digital display this spans a range of product categories and brands. Offering brand agnostic choice is standard policy at Ci, and all leading brands of LED are represented; Samsung, NEC, VideroLED, LG and more, including the top of the line new Crystal display from Sony.

What sets Ci apart is that it can be a one stop shop for LED display from concept to maintenance and all points in between. Ci has been a high end AV integrator for over thirty years and it's fair to say no other LED supplier in Australia understands the technology to the same degree.

Ci offers a technical edge that extends not just to the hardware itself but also to how it can best be managed and interface with other technologies. For in the end it is the overall experience delivered that counts.

Right now is a very exciting time for LED display as it starts to conquer new territory. Direct view LED has long reigned supreme for outdoor applications where nothing can match it for scale and brightness, but now the technology is venturing indoors in a big way thanks to tighter pixel pitch displays and silent operation. These recent developments make LED display screens the new preferred large format choice for building foyers, shops, information centres, corporate showcases, operations rooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms and any other applications where viewers will get close to the screen.

With the right hardware and content management system you can plan and execute a display that looks integral to the architecture rather appear an afterthought. Ci can help, not just with the technology necessary, but also with the content if needed.


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At present, much of what LED can achieve is still relatively in its infancy, from giant media facades that let the light pass through to the building interior, brilliant new HD lobby screens that can show artwork to best advantage, or special new screens for automotive showrooms. Ci is in the vanguard to deliver all such new technologies, expertly matching the right product to each project. In fact when engaged at the design stage Ci has managed to save customers millions in some instances.

Another significant new development for LED display is the advent of the Videro interactive LED wall, exclusive to Ci in Australia. Capable of simultaneous access by several users at a time, these walls can also successfully operate through shop windows after hours.

At the very least why not start the conversation? You'll find Ci and today's digital display technology has so much to offer.