Enabling more productive meetings


Why not maximise your meeting capability? Boardrooms are for decision makers and fully deserve the effort. Ci Boardroom designs span from what has been categorised as “World's Best” down to rooms of a more modest nature. However, even if your budget is moderate, your business can still take advantage of various innovative elements that we have developed throughout our journey which will enhance any design.

Ci, by combining form, function, ease of use and reliability, will deliver a “best of breed” design regardless of the cost category. Ci is able to design the total technology environment for you, incorporating lighting, window coverings and most importantly the Technology Table itself – co-designed and built by our specialist joinery partner – ISM in Melbourne.

As the first step in developing such an outstanding boardroom experience, our specialist account managers will work with you to determine what is most appropriate and drives value and productivity for your company.

Over time a Ci specialty has emerged – Innovative Boardrooms for C-level executives and Board members who need an effective environment to meet, whether in person or remotely.

Allow us to show you more examples on request.