21 Jun

Crowds gather in Yagan Square for World Cup

Perth is putting its giant LED screen to good use during the World Cup. Crowds are gathering in the early hours of the morning to watch games together,  with the atmosphere described as brilliant.

30 May

Ci Adelaide drives the rest of us round 'The Bend'

And we couldn’t be happier. The Bend is an exciting new motorsport facility built in South Australia, by enthusiast petrol heads for enthusiast petrol heads. Not only will it stage motor sport events, but will give members of the public a chance to test themselves out on the track.  Ci has  been involved not just with LED displays like seen here, but with the sophisticated IPTV system provided in the accommodation area.

25 May

Ci's tight pitch LED makes a cultural statement in Adelaide

Ci's new generation tight pitch indoor LED shows off its advantages at Adelaide's Festival Centre. Colours are vivid, edges are precise. In choosing this level of quality, Adelaide's arts community have outdone their sporting counterparts. The best place to watch football displayed at this scale in South Australia would be the Festival Centre.

24 Apr

Ci's Yagan Square LED screen design & build story

One of the reasons Ci is responsible for nearly of Australia's most prestigious major LED projects is that the company will often break new ground in pursuit of the best outcome. In the case of Yagan Square it introduced a new kind of screen to Australia, one that could successfully meet the overall vision. For the city of Perth it was a triumph, for Ci it was an engineering challenge to be enjoyed.