15 Mar

SNA USA show the power of content

SNA Displays in the USA have put together some impressive LED screens over the years, including the giant corner screen shown here at 20 Times Sq NYC. But as this video demonstrates, it's actually content that determines interest levels.

Australia can now also point to some great examples. Watch this space to see some interesting content come out of Perth very shortly.


20 Feb

Northbridge WA creates an outdoor civic theatre

Add a high quality LED screen and sound system to an outdoor civic space and you create aa valuable community asset, an outdoor theatre. It can be used to show movies, live TV or vvideo footage captured of local sport or other community activities. We think every city and shire in Australia should have one.

23 Jan

Lyon's Smart City signage points the way forward for Australian cities.

This directional signage from France is making inroads all over Europe. We've shown it on video before, and pretty soon will be able to demonstrate a working example of it in Australia. However this new footage gives you a better idea of its graphic versatility.

18 Jan

Ci can now create meeting rooms where there is less to meet the eye.

What's special about the meeting room above that Ci recently installed in Melbourne's Docklands is that, despite having glass walls on two sides, observers outside the room can't see any content on the screen when they look through the window. This is because the glass has been treated with a special film at eye level that magically renders the screen blank for privacy. It's brilliant technology as the video below illustrates. You can't help but be impressed.