21 Jan

Ci helps Queensland Museum see the world a little better

The projection mapping installation Ci provided the Queensland Museum for its Science Centre has been a big hit. Spread out across 3 zones, the centre houses over 40 interactive exhibits incorporating audio visual which the public can explore to discover how science, technology, engineering and maths affect our everyday world.

This ‘Science on a Sphere’ projection system shown above offers a variety of displays selectable from the adjacent kiosk.  These can range from a complete 3D model of the planet earth (as if you were viewing it from a spacecraft a million miles away), to a replica of the sun, Jupiter, Saturn, or even satellites of those planets’  It’s amazing to see a rotating planet on the sphere and then realise it’s not the sphere rotating, but four stitched images moving in unison. 


21 Jan

In an emergency, an incident room proves really useful

This incident room installed by Ci for the Mackay Regional Council was put to good use almost immediately with Queensland’s bushfire breakout. Control rooms, operation centres and incident rooms are invariably satisfying projects to deliver. The end users really appreciate them.

21 Jan

This is what any town's football scoreboard can look like...

Electronic scoreboards for Australian football have come a long way since the first sepia version was installed at VFL Park when it opened. 2019 will see the performance standard raised yet again when Ci’s first example gets installed at the Whitten Oval. Internet enabled, it can display a news feed across the bottom as well as the Bulldogs winning score at the top. Thanks to the quality of the LED to be deployed for Whitten Oval, any sports action content displayed will look great.

08 Jan

Source indigenous furniture inbuilt with your choice of technology.

Winya, Australia's leading indigenous supplier of office furniture now includes a furniture range with inbuilt collaboration and presentation technologies. Via Ci you can get your choice of technologies expertly put together and inbuilt and this makes the tech fit out of any workplace ultra easy to install.