13 May

Sportsbet sure like to get on a good thing.

“The race is not always to the swift and strong, but that’s the way to bet” – Damon Runyon.

Arguably the equivalent choice in video collaboration equipment is Cisco, and that’s the way Sportbet have chosen to equip themselves around Australia, with seamless, built for purpose, easy to operate technology that couldn’t be a safer bet.

Video collaboration is a key aspect to Sportsbet’s business due to their offices being located throughout the Australia. These days there is also a need to collaborate internationally through Sportsbet’s Paddy Power/Betfair connection. So making sure that video conferencing between Sportsbet offices is a quality experience has not been left to chance.

As their advertising implies, and the spinning wheel above confirms, Sportsbet like to have fun in the workplace. This includes the naming of meeting rooms, some are named after individual sports, some after famous horses, and some after famous sports people

13 May

The lengths Ci goes to in order to get the job done

Ci is willing to service or install AV equipment in some pretty remote places. As the AV technology partner to Australia’s leading mining companies, such a “can do” attitude goes with the territory.

This job, however, went beyond the average ask.  Located on Varanus island offshore from Karratha in WA, it had to be accessed by helicopter, and this in turn required a HUET certification. The vast Ci technical crew hold many certifications between them, but a HUET is something special even by their lofty standards. It involves being dunked under water while being harnessed to a helicopter frame, which you do six times with an extra degree of difficulty added each time.

Life is never boring at Ci.

27 Mar

A lot has been happening with LED display over the last year.....

These aren't all the LED display and LED videowall projects Ci have been involved with over the course of last year but it's all we could squeeze in to the easy edit video template. For more examples of our work, simply get in contact. We now have so many projects we can show you. No one else can match the variety or complexity.

The year ahead is already looking even more promising. LED screens will be put to good use in all sorts of new applications.

13 Feb

Introducing Ci's amazing Whitten Oval scoreboard

Wow. It’s not a bad picture for a television, let alone a scoreboard. Once you realise that’s a broadcast picture from channel 10 being displayed, the enormity of what’s been achieved at Whitten Oval sinks in. The Western Bulldogs now have a scoreboard that puts all others in the shade.

Ci not only provided the screen and installation but also created the content management software from scratch. This enables the club to compose content from a mix of scores, live action, replays, news feeds, sponsor logos and advertisements. Dollar for dollar, this is the best scoreboard in Australia.

“A big Thankyou to you and your team for all of your hard work and late nights to finish the screen ready for our first match. Your commitment and cooperation has been outstanding. The screen looks fantastic!”

Maree Hallebone Risk & Governance Manager @ Western Bulldogs

“The feedback from our guys of your professionalism and collaboration to deliver an outcome within tight parameters has been fantastic and we are grateful.”

Ameet Bains. CEO @ Western Bulldogs

“Thank you team - the screen looks amazing! It’s been a huge effort - but so worth it!”

Sue Clarke. COO @ Western Bulldogs

Ci would like to acknowledge the contribution of Populous as the project architect.