15 Nov

Telstra's new Ci theatrette is ready to take on the world.

Rather than rest on their laurels by repeating Telstra's Sydney Theatrette, the refurbishment of Telstra Melbourne's theatrette has taken things to the next level. Here is a space not only capable of wowing the 180 or so seated in the auditorium, but the prospective millions more that may watch online, whether in real time or via archived access. This is a theatrette that addresses the needs of the modern world.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the screen image, and so you should. The display technology on show is currently considered the best in the world, Sony's C LED (Crystal LED). It is used in conjunction with a Meyer audio system. This theatrette is definitely state of the art, and was developed in partnership with Testra by Ci's RD&E (Research, Development and Engineering) team over the course of a year. It is precisely the kind of client collaborative project for which the RD&E team was created. Ci hosted tours of the facility can be arranged on request.



23 Aug

At the Queensland Musuem, walls can talk.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the walls at Queensland Museum’s Anzac exhibition sure can talk. These Ci installed display modules are not only a brilliant means of telling the Anzac story, but brilliant means to tell the story for all other exhibitions that follow. Managing the content is easy. All you need are the appropriate photographic or video assets and Ci or their project partners can show you how to do the rest.





25 Jul

Curtin University points the way to a smart campus..

Manufactured in France by Charvet, iGirouette animated
signposts take wayfinding and interactivity to a whole new
level. Beneath the product’s modern and sleek robust
design, hides an intricate and complex interior, combining
mechanical movements, LED display technology and
specialised software integration to deliver a wayfinding
experience like no other.
As with all products that don’t quite fit the mould, to gain a
foothold in Australia, the iGirouette animated sign required a
client as equally focused on innovation and thinking outside
the box as a European Smart City. After a successful product
demonstration at their 2018 Open Day, WA’s Curtin University
was convinced, and a year later Ci have successfully
completed the first permanent installations of iGirouette in
Australia in time for Open Day 2019. Five digital signposts
have been installed at strategic locations throughout the
Curtin campus.
What makes iGirouette special is its ability, from the one
location and with limited signage area, to successfully point the
way to potentially hundreds of locations, not only indicating
the direction and distance but the duration of the journey by
the nominated mode of transport including by foot.
For the most sought after destinations, no one has to break
stride or refer to their mobile phone. The directions for such
destinations can be programmed for automatic frequent
Used in Smart Cities like Lyon in Europe, iGirouette can be
given a far more complex variety of destinations via an app.
Such an app can also provide a wealth of information about
the destination concerned. It is a really useful combination.
The animated signs generate interest in the app, which in
turn generates interest in the destinations. This makes it a
powerful addition to the marketing of a tourist precinct and
the businesses and attractions within it. For a large campus
with numerous departments spread throughout faculties,
the creation of such an interactive app enables directions to
be given to the right building with ease.
There is clearly an appetite for innovation over west, Perth’s
Telstra Customer Insight Centre was the first in Australia to
deploy LEDGO ceiling tile LED, The West Australian
government’s Urban Renewal Authority sought something
truly unique with Yagan Square where Ci created the giant
LED cylinder and now WA’s largest university has
been the first to adopt the iGirouette product.

“We have had a number of students, staff
members and visitors telling us how eyecatching
the signs are. People have stopped in
their tracks to watch them.”

-Donna Trebilcock
Manager | Orientation, Transition & Digital Student Engagement

20 May

Mercedes Benz drives the automotive industry forward.

The project Ci is currently undertaking for Mercedes will raise the bar for the automotive industry Australia wide. This 6 x 3 video wall is just a glimpse of what’s in store. There is far more to come. We'll keep you posted.