13 May

Sportsbet sure like to get on a good thing.

“The race is not always to the swift and strong, but that’s the way to bet” – Damon Runyon.

Arguably the equivalent choice in video collaboration equipment is Cisco, and that’s the way Sportbet have chosen to equip themselves around Australia, with seamless, built for purpose, easy to operate technology that couldn’t be a safer bet.

Video collaboration is a key aspect to Sportsbet’s business due to their offices being located throughout the Australia. These days there is also a need to collaborate internationally through Sportsbet’s Paddy Power/Betfair connection. So making sure that video conferencing between Sportsbet offices is a quality experience has not been left to chance.

As their advertising implies, and the spinning wheel above confirms, Sportsbet like to have fun in the workplace. This includes the naming of meeting rooms, some are named after individual sports, some after famous horses, and some after famous sports people