09 May

La Trobe University's new CBD campus gets great first semester results.

La Trobe University's new CBD campus has passed the first semester with flying colours. The technology CI installed in the learning spaces all works well and is reportedly easy to use for students and staff alike. This project was a sizeable undertaking over two floors and succesfully delivered under the auspices of Hutchinson Builders with whom CI successfully worked with previously on La Trobe's Union Hall project.

The new campus represents a modern approach to learning. The larger spaces are divisible at will to becomer smaller independent learning spaces or combined as one large area. Furniture and technology are made sufficiently agile to allow for easy breakout into learning groups and back again within the one session. Everybody loves it.

This exciting project is one of several that Ci is undertaking for tertiary institutions this calendar year. So watch this space for some amazing footage in the weeks ahead.