25 Nov

Ci Technology furniture saves SA Water big time

It may look modest but what you see in this room was able to save SA Water a substantial amount of money and will continue to do so in the future. Rather than purchase technology and furniture separately, SA Water purchased from Ci a combination of technology and furniture designed in unison and fabricated off site. This meant each huddle meeting space could be installed on site in far less time. It also meant the bulk of the installation cost became embedded in the furniture so it was no longer a sunk cost but became fully portable. Creating a meeting space in this way becomes a plug and play exercise, and you don't face make good costs when you leave either.

Not surprisingly other companies around Australia are now following SA Water's lead. Ci's technology integrated furniture saves a fortune for practically any major fit out project. The technology is fully customised to suit each project and the furniture finish is at the discretion of the client or their interior designer.