15 Mar

QIC's Eastland LED raises the bar

David Jones Eastland

QIC’s exciting redevelopment of Eastland in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs included some ambitious LED screen projects. The most challenging of these was the giant Town Square screen located at the David Jones entrance.

This screen not only had to look good at a distance while facing the afternoon sun, but it also had to maintain a quality image within closer proximity as customers approached the entrance.

QIC EastlandQIC Eastland

It was a similar story for the LED screens needed within Eastland’s interior. Customers would get reasonably close to the screens and some of the screen locations would face brightness challenges from nearby skylights. As you can see in the photos above, this test was passed with flying colours.

What further pleased QIC were the technical support and economic advantages Ci was able to offer with their screens. They know they are in safe hands.