15 Mar

Ci put QUT up in lights with LED

QUT Melvin Grove Campus

This installation at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus combines a fine pitch giant LED screen with an array speaker system and hidden subwoofer. It enable the room to be successfully used for video at any time of day. Where is the subwoofer hidden? Under the terraced wooden seating.

19 Jan

Array Telepresence launch imminent

Array Telepresence

Array Telepresence is about to be officially launched on the Australian market. If you already have extensive dual screen video conferencing facilities, talk to us about becoming a Foundation Partner. This exciting new technology will enable the immersive video conferencing experience to spread throughout your organization.

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19 Jan

Study Tour reveals MCG and Etihad to be world's best practice in perimeter and parapet signage

MCG and Etihad Stadium

A tour throughout the USA has confirmed the best LED perimeter and parapet signage system in the world currently is what Ci has created at the MCG and Etihad. Nothing else could match it.

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