07 Oct

Synaesthesia inspires an engaging experience.

Collide, another installation by Onformative is inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, where the sensory distinction between sight and sound collides and blurs. It combines chamber music, painterly visuals and recorded motion data as interactive elements.

07 Oct

Relax and Release with Kimatica

Kimatica are a London based creative studio that work at the intersection of the human body, performance and interactive technology. They succeed at creating avant-garde immersive digital experiences that engage at a deeper level. Interactivity allows you create playful spaces with a purpose.


07 Oct

Onformative's new lobby installation animates landscape.

This audiovisual art installation by Berlin-based studio Onformative is inspired by the movement of rivers and the transforming landscapes in their surroundings. It would be fantastic to see something like this in form of Aboriginal art done for an Australian installation. The view of the landscape from above is such a long-standing tradition.


07 Oct

The Dallas Sheraton thinks outside the square to the cuboid.

Ohio-based Leftchannel Content Design Studio has delivered an LED project for the Dallas Sheraton that highlights the power of creating multiple viewpoints via three dimensional display. Leftchannel’s playful and engaging installation, comprised of dual LED columns from SNA, each standing 8 feet 10 inches tall located at the hotel’s main entrance, is able to engage people on the street, in the hotel’s lobby and and the nearby bar simultaneously. As with all digital art installations of this kind, it can also refresh the content periodically in order for repeat guests to discover something new.

This installation also shows you don’t necessarily need wall space in order to provide digital art on LED. Anyone interested in doing something similar in Australia should contact Ci.