18 Mar

Tokyo's teamLab collective inspire with an immersive LED work

Japan's teamLAB art collective are an international treasure. Their Tokyo venue teamLab Planets is museum that consists of 4 vast exhibition spaces with 7 distinct artworks, all of which are based on teamLab’s concept of “Body Immersive”.  As Australia's leading LED screen experts, this work "Infinite Crystal Universe" particularly caught our eye. It is one of the most inventive uses of LED yet seen. If you ever get to Tokyo, make sure you visit.

20 Nov

Yet another Refik Anadol triumph, this time on a Vegas hotel.

This Linq Hotel project bears testimony to Refik Anadol's ability to succesfully combine digital art with an architectural canvas. His permanent installations never look like afterthoughts imposed on a building but appear as integral to the building's architecture. With this installation he has been able to work on an immersive scale both inside and outside the building. Judging from the result and complexity, the integration partner involved - McCann Systems is also to be commended. It's the kind of project we love to undertake so we understand the challenges entailed. Bravo!


18 Oct

Hybrid signage for roof tops


This combination 3D sign and LED is by our European partners LEDgo. It shows how effective the hybrid combination can be. Anyone interested in doing something similar in Australia should get in touch.

PS. The moire effect seen in the video is not visible in reality. It is a camera issue.

07 Oct

Now you see it, now you don't.


This lobby LED screen in Miami demonstrates the fun to be had by displaying imagery of what the wall hidden behind it might look like. It allows the screen to appear and disappear at will, as well as create the illusion of the building itself being animated. When the time comes to update your lobby, let Ci arrange something similar for you.