31 Mar

Digital Stained Glass Like Installation


Another interesting content execution from Fusion Ci shows peacock feather graphics behaving like a kaleidoscope when triggered by motion. A further touch of magic is added to the window illusion with birds shown flying past.


31 Mar

Clever Izumi Shop Window Installation


This innovative window project undertaken by Fusion CI for technology company Philosophie and its client Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has a fish appear leap out of a mural inside the restaurant, swim through the tables and deliver a menu board to some seated guests. The illusion is created by an LED screen replacing the window with content that mimics the inside of the restaurant to scale.

31 Mar

Big Waterfall LED at MGM Cotai


Fusion CI (content) and Obscura Digital (installation) combined on this spectacular LED screen experience at the MGM Cotai. Moving water simulation is fast becoming a popular form of digital content.


18 Mar

Tokyo's teamLab collective inspire with an immersive LED work

Japan's teamLAB art collective are an international treasure. Their Tokyo venue teamLab Planets is museum that consists of 4 vast exhibition spaces with 7 distinct artworks, all of which are based on teamLab’s concept of “Body Immersive”.  As Australia's leading LED screen experts, this work "Infinite Crystal Universe" particularly caught our eye. It is one of the most inventive uses of LED yet seen. If you ever get to Tokyo, make sure you visit.