24 Nov

Ron Arad's Curtain Call - Parade

This work was commissioned by The Roundhouse London. It was designed for the theatre's unique 360° floor-to-ceiling ‘screen’ comprised of 5600 silicon rods suspended from an 18m diameter ring, the piece is simultaneously a projected film and audience interactive experience. It is noteworthy for both scale and the projected surface.


23 Nov

Tobias Gremmler - Kung Fu Motion

Another interesting exploration of motion visuals.


23 Nov

Tobias Gremmler - VR Dome Projection

Tobias is very clever. Structures like these conjure up all sorts of creative possibilities. Who else wants to try?

23 Nov

Tobias Gremmler - Motion and Music

UK artist Tobias Gremmler is a pioneer in exploring fresh possibilties for music and motion. This amazing example was for the London Symphony.