24 Nov

SKULL MAPPING - Le Petite Chef

Most people are now familiar with projection mapping done on a grand scale, like the colourful designs projected onto the Opera House during Sydney's Vivid Festival. But remarkable things can also be done on a very small scale this video demonstrates. Retailers take note. Ci would dearly love the opportunity to orchestrate something like this in Australia. It does not have to be about food either.

24 Nov

Universal Everything - Reactive Audio Prototype

Here is a very simple idea demonstrated - audio driven screen content. Digital artwork is shown to respond to stimulii gathered from a microphone. However the same principle could also apply to stimulii gathered from a motion sensor or pressure pad.

Digital artwork can be made to respond to visitors by a variety of means. Audio is but one example.

24 Nov

Universal Everything - Vision Hall

Here is another Universal Everything project, this time on a microtile wall in Korea. Today you would use an LED wall instead for display but as the video demonstrates the real star is the content. If you want to create a screen on this scale in Australia, Ci can do it for you better than anyone else. Plus we can arrange international content.


24 Nov

Universal Everything - Disciples (Twitter driven artwork)

Universal Everything are an experiental content practice based in London. This particular work is one of their most famous pieces, and a fine example of interesting data driven artwork. Here Twitter followers are represented in real time as physical followers and shown in representative numbers. Visitors to the Barbican exhibition could see their own handle represented in this fashion.