27 Nov

Coca Cola's animated New York billboard is amazing.

Coca Cola have reinvented the billboard spectacular by having the billboard hardware animated. Watch the video to see the result. Times Square NYC  will never be the same.

24 Nov

Leviathan - 150 Media Stream

Leviathan are another inspirational american company working in digital display. Here is one their most famous pieces to inspire you, a brilliant outdoor installation in Chicago. Who in Australia wants to build one of these?



24 Nov

ESI - Salesforce Lobby

Arguably USA inspiration ESI's most famous work, the Saleforce lobby in San Francisco has arresting visuals. Content cleverly allows for the architecture.



24 Nov

ESI - 221 Main St SF

Another example of the creative partnership between ESI and the USA property developer partner. It's the sort of work Ci would love to undertake in Australia.