31 Mar

SNA shows off in style


This company makes excellent LED displays. Their showreel showcases a few of America’s best installation examples. Pay special attention to how screens with more than 2 dimensions have greater impact.

31 Mar

Chicago LED trellis transforms concrete in the short and long term


Here is yet another reason to love what ESI Design can do. Asked to create a digital experience that would mitigate an imposing concrete wall, ESI Designs created “Sensing Change” a dynamic light installation that creates a warmer, more engaging environment day or night. It is an LED trellis that will eventually support real ivy but in the meantime evokes the same dappled light effect with technology.

At night the light installation features two modes, one responsive to local weather data, and the other displaying specific content related to calendar event or civic promotions. A little bit of the concrete jungle is thus cleverly transformed.

31 Mar

IM Pei building in Boston benefits from a contemporary touch


ESI Design get to add something worthwhile to the lobby of  an IM Pei building in Boston, in this instance dynamic lighting on the LED strips that respond to weather data in order to generate appropriate colour and movement. Perhaps it gives that IM Pei building in Melbourne (Collins Place) something to think about.

31 Mar

ESI Design refreshes the Statue of Liberty Museum


ESI Design used large format LED and other media to recently update the story of the statue of liberty at the statue's Ellis Island museum. France's famous gift to the US is a significant icon not just to the USA but to the world at large. So even if you’ve been to Ellis Island before, it’s now time for a second visit.