25 Nov

Spectacle free 3D LED installation creates quite a spectacle

Here is another great example of a 3D LED installation, this time in China and going a step further with 3D effects that do not need special glasses. This amazing installation at Chengdu has certainly created some interest. Footage shared on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter has become a top five story nationally in the people's republic. That's a lot of eyeballs. Given how successfully the illusion is created it's hardly surprising. It's definitely well worth a look even though in real life the full effect can only be viewed at a certain angle.

17 Jul

Korea again shows the way with another stunning d'strict LED installation.

Korean experiential design company d'strict's brilliant 3D work with LED features here indoors at Nexen UniverCity's infinity wall.  If you have a reception area in need of generating some interest, why not evaluate what creative LED deployment can do for you?  Even on a small scale it can make a positive impact. That said, we'd love to deliver something to the standard of this installation here in Australia.

27 May

Cleverly covering all the angles with 3D LED display

Created by d’strict, the world renowned experiential content creator from Korea, this clever application of LED display delivers an eye catching 3D illusion every hour on the hour. It is situated in Seoul’s Gangnam district where it earns its keep the rest of the time displaying advertising and K Pop videos. Hopefully it will inspire others by showing what a combination of well thought out content can do with a 3 dimensional LED display.

Comprising 31,000 LED lamps over a total area of 17,437sq, this imposing installation features Samsung LED. As it happens, the Ci Group will soon unveil the largest Samsung LED project in the southern hemisphere, so for anyone interested in following Korea's lead, delivering a project of this magnitude in Australia could be readily accomplished.

31 Mar

Every designer should watch this media architecture video


This short video from ESI Design should be compulsory viewing for all architects and designers. It first neatly explains what media architecture means, then goes on to suggest what the media architure trends will be this year.