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Welcome to Corporate Initiatives Australia (Ci)

Corporate Initiatives Australia Pty Ltd (Ci) is one of Australia’s longest serving Audio Visual Integrators providing professional services to the AV industry since 1986. We are equally at home dealing with a simple AV installation for a small enterprise through to undertaking multi-room multi-floor AV installation rollouts throughout Australia for large corporations. This AV capability extends beyond traditional AV categories such as boardrooms and video conferencing facilities to the latest in digital signage, media facade and control room technologies.

Ci service categories span consultancy and design, implementation and management, as well as ongoing service and maintenance. These services can be applied as appropriate to Tier 1 builder projects, project or facilities management companies or direct to the customer.


Featured StoryThe Red Energy HQ ProjectWhole of Building AV

In order to create a new headquarters, Red Energy refurbished the historically significant Bryant & May building in Richmond. The end result is something for which Red Energy as the client, Carr Design Group as the architect, Shape as the builder, and Ci as the workspace technology partner can all be justifiably proud, 10,000 sqm of engaging workspace over three levels cleverly equipped to enable Red Energy's employees to do their best work.

Throughout the course of this award-winning project, Red Energy demonstrated how a client can make a substantial and positive contribution to the outcome by being actively involved. As the video below explains, hopefully more workplace clients can follow their lead.

Featured StoryQUT makes big waves in big screen interactivityEducation

QUT’s new HiQ Centre at their Gardens Point campus has succeeded in providing students and prospective students with a campus digital engagement experience beyond anything yet seen in Australia. As the university’s creative technology partner Ci’s project task was to create an interactive and informative engagement space for all the digital aspects of student life. This would then encourage digital engagementon more personal level for each student. What the university got back in response simply amazed them.

Due a fortunate set of circumstances Ci was able to involve world-leading practitioners on this project. QUT was already a valued customer of Videro, a German content management service the university had originally selected for other digital signage systems throughout their campuses. This meant Ci could engage the Videro team on this project as well, engineers who just happened to lead the world in large-scale screen interaction having recently completed Sega World in Japan the world's best example. The university wanted something breathtaking and they got it.

In order to engage visitors at first sight, Ci proposed a “state of the art” interactive LED Wall for the purpose. This would be a right-angled, ultra-high definition LED display, comprising of 567 VideroLED ultra fine (2.4mm) pixel pitch modules, measuring a total of 17.5 metres across all 3 sections and with a height of 2.6m. (Around 42sqm in total and impossible not to notice.) The content and interaction would be driven by the Videro content management system, a system QUT had already successfully deployed in hundreds of locations and knew it loved.

This time, however, it would be a new custom version of Videro able to provide an amazing large-scale interactive experience, something far beyond the reach of an ordinary touch screen. People would be able to interact in ways more appropriate to giant displays many times their size. Special custom Videro software would enable the “swooshing” of content from a tablet device to the main display, and automatically enable “Gesture and Swipe” interactivity via Kinect cameras. This is similar to the experience Videro developed for Sega World, a global leader in theme parks and apopular tourist destination in Japan. The use of this software and hardware would put QUT on the cutting edge of such technology internationally.

  • HiQ QUT
  • HiQ QUT

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HiQ QUT - Official Release

QUT’s giant screen is able to run 15 videos on the wall simultaneously, all of them smooth and jitter free, all of them manageable interactively. Up to ten participants can interact with the wall at the same time. Audio is carefully zoned to five individual segments with minimal spillover. It’s a great way to impart information. There is also an inbuilt 3D interactive games engine able to take the level of engagement even higher with game participation.

As an added bonus, the external-facing portion of the screen facing the window can also be used after hours with interaction still possible through the glass. Screen content can be tailored accordingly. The HiQ centre can interact with students 24/7. The LED display itself is also worthy of special mention. QUT’s screen visibly excites people with its vivid, high quality imagery. It provides an unbroken image brighter and bolder than anything an LCD wall can hope to achieve.

The days of such LCD walls are numbered. To deploy a floor to ceiling LED screen viewed at close range like this was considered unthinkable just a few short years ago. These days, however, pixel pitches have become tight enough for LED display screens to be deployed just about anywhere.

The QUT HiQ LED wall successfully combines scale, brightness and hi def imagery with interactivity suitable for use with a screen at this size. Many more such walls can therefore be expected throughout Australia in the years ahead, whether for education, the workplace, retail, museum or government. This is technology with a very bright future. Surfing big screen content via a big wave will prove too irresistible as an experience.

Watch the video above and get in contact. Ci can provide such interactivity across all screen technologies, LED display, LCD media walls and projection.

Featured StoryActive Learning Space TriumphEducation

The most systematic example of Active Learning Spaces in Australia has now been completed as a proof of concept at Delany Secondary College in NSW, highlighting the various ways in which well designed and integrated furniture, AV and communication technologies can engage students more readily. Known as "The Delany Connective" it has established best practice for the K12 sector.

Featured StoryCi's Giant Emporium Screen tells a great storyLED Superscreens

We are now extra proud of the sign shown below, not just for it being the biggest moving image sign in the southern hemisphere and the best example of light pass through in Australia (70%), but as a result of some initial misfortune, also a clear example how the people you do business with matters in the long run.

To deliver this project we searched the world for the best, proven technology and delivered and installed it at a price that saved the customer more than a six figure sum. However we soon found the original LED modules supplied by our European partners were all susceptible to water damage due to a change in OEM manufacturer.

This meant, through no fault of our own, glitches appeared from day one of installation and continued to do so. Rather than walk away from the problem, Ci worked tirelessly behind the scenes changing tiles overnight, keeping the quality of the sign to an acceptable level for advertisers to keep advertising.

This considerable effort quietly went on for months while a replacement screen could be manufactured for the customer free of charge. Then, in the space of a weekend and with much pre planning, Ci completely re-did the installation also free of charge, resulting in a sign that finally meets our standards.

It's a story that illustrates how serious we are about looking after our customers, even if it means sometimes being seriously out of pocket. It also shows that if you choose us for a project, we don't walk away from problems. We solve them. What now stands at the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale streets is the vision we had originally, a media facade at a scale never seen before in Australia, one that let 70% of light pass through to the building interior and that produced moving images of superior quality for the specified viewing distance. Mission accomplished.

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