Mapiq Workspace Enablement

Unleash your office

Mapiq Workspace Enablement

Mapiq are famous for making the renowned Edge building in Amsterdam work better for its inhabitants. Their revolutionary software platform is one of the key reasons the Edge project earnt such critical acclaim beyond its green credentials. Here at last was a hot desk workspace environment fully embraced by end users. The flexible workplace theory could finally succeed in practice.

Now Mapiq technology is available in Australia through Ci and it has progressed even further than what was first introduced at the Edge. Forward thinking Australian companies are about to experience the experience.

Participants can book their workspaces from home, find their colleagues, book meeting rooms and more all from an app or desktop. By putting such power in their pocket, it gives them ownership of the new workplace concept. So instead of opposing change, they prefer it.

In addition to a view of the entire workplace and space/people availability , Mapiq also offers them power over their immediate environment with comfort and lighting control. Wellness is therefore enhanced as is enterprise efficiency. Mapiq provides you with data like heat maps and occupancy reports that help you manage your facilities far more readily.

Mapiq is a major component of Ci's responsive workplace platform, and individually offers you the power to unleash your office. For more information, start the Ci conversation.