Locate information where it's needed


Kiosks are increasingly popular for good reason. They are able to communicate at strategic places and times. In touchscreen form they can engage in a way that people have now become familiar with through owning tablets and smartphones. The difference with a kiosk, however, is that it is immediate, has greater visual impact, and you can retain control over the content. This can be done across multiple sites simultaneously, whether Australia wide or global.

Kiosks can be used for a variety of uses from wayfinding and building directories through to corporate PR or the automation of customer processes. In the hands of skilled marketers and retailers, however, a kiosk can become a profit generator in its own right and one with a remarkably low overhead.

At Ci we work closely with you to establish the right kiosk and kiosk application to suit your requirements. And given our experience and know how, we believe you won't find a better partner for developing a kiosk capability within your business or institution, whether on a small scale or large. We can provide you with a ready made off the shelf solution or a fully customized unique design.