04 Sep

La Trobe University chooses 2.5mm LED display ahead of a video wall

La Trobe University is among the first to adopt tight pitch LED display ahead of LCD video wall technology, in this instance for their CBD campus window.. The advantages to the university are ongoing, an unbroken image, sufficient brightness for use in the location and regenerative durability.

These new 2.5mm pitch displays now available make it possible to get great result with a screen at street level.  This gives anyone who has an expansive shop window something to seriously consider. It also has significant implications for large meeting rooms, high end boardrooms, lecture theatres, and presentation areas where screens larger than 98 inches are needed.

17 Aug

Naming rights for buildings just got easier.

The recently Ci commissioned Commonwealth Bank Building in Darling Harbour is an early example of supporting building naming rights with LED display technology. This use of LED
display is predicted to grow in popularity as it means building owners can offer naming rights without the tenant also needing to fund an expensive purpose built sign. Changing the name or brand identity of a building with LED signage becomes as simple as a mouse click. So you can expect many more buildings to follow suit.

03 Aug

Why LED billboards are looking more attractive all the time.

The growing attractiveness of LED billboards is not just about the image quality made possible by such examples as this Ci billboard at Eastland. It's also about greater accessibility for advertisers. Effectively costs are shared between advertisers on the same site and there are no printing or poster installation charges. This makes it easier for local advertisers to access the medium. For some it also makes pursuing an LED billboard of their own a highly attractive and economical proposition.

22 Jun

See Australia's first interactive LED wall

We've had to keep this a secret for a while but now at last we can share it with the world. This LED videowall Ci recently created for QUT is the first of its kind in Australia. It is content rich, interactive for up to 10 users simultaneously and controlled not by touch but by gesture. Interactivity can now be undertaken on a grand scale. The content management technology entailed is the same as used at Segaworld Japan and is exclusive to Ci in Australia.