18 Jan

Owzat? Ci hits other stadium LED signage for 6

This pic was taken during the manufacture of sight screens for Cricket Australia that are now currently in use throughout the country's leading cricket venues. These new devices are a big improvement over the screens they replaced. However if you look closely at the cricket coverage over summer you'll also notice another big Ci win.  Whenever you watch a slow motion replay with perimeter LED in view, you get a different experience with coverage from the MCG and Etihad than from all the other grounds. At all the other grounds, the LED display noticeably flickers as though there is something malfunctioning. At the Ci supplied MCG and Etihad, however, the perimeter display remains stable and flicker free. You might say Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney have all been caught out on the boundary.

13 Dec

Ci gets a name for itself in Brisbane by installing exceptional indoor LED display screens

Measuring  3.659mm wide by 2058mm high, this glorious LED beauty now graces the walls of Telstra in Brisbane city. It is yet another example of how fine pitch LED display is changing the view of the world.

12 Dec

JLL discover the joy of floor to ceiling LED

JLL in Brisbane have discovered how an architecturally appropriate floor to ceiling LED screen with interesting content can really lift the mood. This screen has transformed their reception area into something special.

27 Nov

Red Energy's new foyer shows how it's done

Red Energy's refurbishment of the Bryant & May factory in Richmond Victoria is an impressive achievement. So too is what they have done in the building foyer. Here is giant LED display screen deployed at an impressive scale and in dimensions that are sympathetic to the architecture.

How they have gone about creating screen content for it is also impressive. Special footage has been produced that helps to identify the Red Energy brand with the area, and thanks to Ci's content management system this content can be readily tailored to the shape of the display. If anyone wants an object lesson in how to succesfully put such a screen to good use, Red Energy is a great place to start.