31 Mar

International architects NBBJ acquire ESI Designs, our inspirational heroes.


Famous in their own right for iconic projects such as Amazon's HQ in Seattle, international US architects NBBJ have acquired the world's leading exponent of experiential design for modern buildings, ESI Design - the team behind the Salesforce Lobby experience and numerous others. The intention is to introduce digital experience earlier in the design process in order to benefit the clients. This is something the Ci Group has been encouraging Australian architects to do for years.

We wish them well and look forward to their collective efforts producing spaces that are, in their words, "active, lively, engaging and evolving". They certainly have the skill set.

18 Mar

Keep your business active while keeping your distance.

The COVID-19 emergency is changing how business can be conducted. No more handshakes or international travel, with many employees working from home already and many wishing to follow suit. The Ci Group has devised several video conferencing equipment strategies for its clients to meet the challenge, options that are relatively easy to install and therefore quick to deploy. One is for a small huddle space able to conduct online meetings between those working at home and those at the office. Another is a high quality plug and play USB option for laptops ideal for portable deployment within the workplace or for senior executives at home. If your business is in need, let's see if the Ci Group can help. All video platforms can be supported. Supply will be challenging in many instances but we will do the best we can. 

Call 1 300 242 741

18 Mar

Starleaf offers its video collaboration software free to help out with coronovirus

Cloud-based video collaboration platform Starleaf is doing its bit to help with the coronavirus impact on business. From now until further notice, Starleaf is making a free version of its on line meeting software available worldwide. This basic version allows anyone to sign up and benefit from:

Unlimited one-to-one calling

An unlimited number of meetings of up to 45 minutes duration

Unlimited instant messaging and group data

The Starleaf system is acclaimed for its interoperability with other systems. All you have to do to gain access to the software is to click through the link provided below.

Remote Working Hub Free Download