23 May

LG show off some new wave technology at ISE

One LG OLED screen looks pretty amazing on its own but combine scores of them in a curved videowall and you can do some serious showing off like LG have done at ISE. Although it looks great, it is rather a lot of pixels to manage. LED display allows you to use far fewer pixels at such a grand scale.

23 May

Interactive mirrors for fashion retail

Combining LCD with glass (or in this case mirrors) is not new. In this example shown at ISE, an RFID reader triggers vision of a model wearing an example of the garment on which the RFID code is attached. This is not new either. Ci’s CMS partner Videro first introduced it to retail many years ago, but it’s still a great way to create customer interaction with merchandise. Enquiries are welcome.


23 May

One screen and a number of mirrors

As seen at ISE, this cost-effective combination of screen, mirrors and 3D objects creates a captivating spectacle. We think such a display would be great way to draw attention to a specific product or object within a retail environment. Do we have any takers?

28 Feb

The French make legacy artwork immersive

This large scale projection and projection mapping project must have been an amazing immersive experience. Who in Australia would like to mount something similar? Ci is up for it if you are.